About Christen Conrad

About The Author

Kristen Hooten
Author Of Forever Zoo Friends Series Children Books


Christen Conrad has been infatuated with imaginary life, animals, and anthropomorphic characters ever since she was little.   According to her Grandmother, the first story she wrote was about an owl.  She quickly got into writing poetry as a teenager. As she got older, every now and then she would pause to write another poem or short story.

In high school Christen wanted to be a children’s book author.  Her creative juices mirrored perfectly with her passion to teach, inspire, and give children a sense of their own imagination. Then one day she finally turned a story she wrote into her first published book, written for her Forever Zoo Friends Series.

Christen has a big heart for animals.  Her family consists of her Husband Dustin, her three dogs, Bella, Lola, and Felix and her three cats, Itsy, Bowie, and Moose.  She feels lucky to have been able to adopt her furry kids.  She also enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and trying to push herself to work out.