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Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to write.   My favorite thing to write about is fictional animal characters.  It has been a long dream of mine to be a children’s book author.  A few years ago, I started writing poetry about animals becoming friends with each other.  Pairs, such as, Pat the cat, and Myrtle the turtle, or Gretta the gorilla and Busbee the bumblebee, would develop friendships after meeting each other and learning each other’s unique characteristics. I also wrote poems about animal friends that helped each other out or had fun playing with each other.
I have turned my poetry into books filled with stories young children will love to read and listen too.  I feel the rhyming verses will make learning to read fun for your kiddos.  This started my “Forever Zoo Friends” and “Forever Farm Friends” Series.

I decided to try self-publishing my first book, Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes.  Zester wakes up one morning to find his stripes on his body are gone!  He is incredibly sad without his stripes and sets out to find them.  He does not have much luck until his friend Happy the hippopotamus, joins him in his search.  She knows how important Zester’s stripes are to him and will not give up on helping him find his stripes.  Will Happy be able to help Zester find his missing stripes?  This cute little story is about the value of friendship.  This book is the first book of my Forever Zoo Friends Series.

Christens Corner is a website, christenscorner.com I am currently building, as a place to review my recently published new book, Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes.  Blogs may also be shared on my site, or if you would like to contact me via email.  As I get more books published, my website will grow with more details of each of my books, my series, what I am interested in writing next, reviews, and blogs.  If you are looking to buy my book, you can inquire about my book at your local bookstore or online at amazon, Barns & Noble and ebook format at Kobo.  I have both versions, hard cover, and Ebook available for purchase.

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Kids Love It!

'The Kids will love it".


Cute Tail

"Such a cute tail ( pun intended`. I like the story you have written, a very good message to all".


Great Book

"Got the book today! It is so good!!.


Very Cute

"Just received "Zester"! Very cute".

Mary Beth

Loved It

“The story was so cute and creative, and the kids loved it!”