Zester the Zebra $5.99!

If you haven’t heard about my new recently published book, Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes, check out the paperback format for just $5.99!

This short, rhyming, tale depicts a zebra and his friend as they search for his missing stripes.  Where did the stripes go? Will they be able to find them?  It’s fun to read to the kiddos or have them read along with you.  It will help teach the value of friendships and the importance of helping others!

Available in paperback at

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3 thoughts on “Zester the Zebra $5.99!

    1. I am super happy to write children’s books about friendship, helping others, being there for one another and treating others as you would want to be treated. Growing up shy, making friends was hard for me…and look at me know, im on social media! lol This is something newr and dear to me and I hope my books teach children how to easily make friends, be helpful, and be happy!

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