Tomorrow’s another brand new day
but first I must make it through today
sometimes it feels like an uphill battle
other times like Im rolling down the hill
either way my emotions are strong
and where I end up is where i belong
in that moment and that current moment
is the piece of my life I don’t want to miss
because whats past has past
and thats a pure and simple fact
but what lies ahead is in my head
and I can dream all day long
and reminisce a history that’s gone
but the history i have lived to forget
brings me to my current present
and what I do now or how I act
can make a difference in tomorrow’s cast
and what I can hold
as the truth be told
is it’s never too late to appreciate
the mind I possess is a unique trait
that strives to win the victory race
of what I call my true embrace
be shineth or not, does it matter
it’s what I think either here or after
I have come a long way forward
many, many years that have showered
a destination unbeknown
and into a fear thats angrily grown
and all i have is today and right now
to asses my feelings and promise to vow
that tomorrow is a brand new day
I ask myself to lead the way