To Honor Thy Mother

To Honor Thy Mother
My mother was wise beyond which I knew
I was just a child and couldn’t see through
The pain that she felt when she fought with my dad
I was just a child, and I was angry and sad
Mainly because, I felt so alone
As I was forced into this broken home
All my mom wanted was for me to feel loved
I was just a child, and I didn’t know much
My mother was a saint beyond what I saw
I was just a teenager and I broke the law
She wanted me to know she’d always be my friend
I was just a teenager who wouldn’t let her in
I was too wrapped up in my own little world
To see that she loved me, and I was her girl
My mother was there for me beyond that I felt
I was just a young adult who didnt want her help
I needed to prove I could do everything myself
But as I got older, I was still overwhelmed
My mother was brave beyond her years
I was just her daughter who never saw her tears
When she was diagnosed with an evil cancer
She never let it fade her ever-lasting laughter
But I was just her daughter that didnt want to believe
That one day I would lose her and never again speak
Now I’m just a daughter without my mom around
It feels so desperately empty without her touch, her sound
I need her more than anything because she was so great
At being the best damn mother to manage to create
A love that never escaped, if only i was given more time
To tell her how lucky I was, before she left my side
To tell her that I’m finally aware
Of the love she gave, and the hardships beared
And thank her for everything she had done
To make sure nothing would break her love ❤️
-Christen Conrad 4/28/20