My Inspirational Poetry

Over the past 6 months I have been working on my children’s books, I haven’t done any of my poetry so here is something I wrote a few days ago. Hopefully it will add an inspirational touch to your day!

Life is good

My neighborhood may be
considered substandard
but my immeddiate neighbors
are more than helpful

My house may be small
and not brand new
but that just means
i have less to cleaning to do

My home is not a big
and fancy home
but its our little dwelling
and humble abode

The old stuff in my house
may break more frequent
but it just teaches me to be
more self-sufficient

My furniture may not match
in any way
but its cozy and makes
me feel comfortably safe

My kitchen may have
dark yellow walls
but it is my kitchen
and its open to all

There might be too many
pets running around
but they are my children
and my home they found

The clothes on my back
may be simple and old
but they keep me from being
naked and cold

My body may be
way out of shape
but its my body that belongs
to the mind I create

I may not have
100 plus friends
but the few i have
are with me to the end

My husband may suffer
from that damn epilepsy
if you lived in his shoes
you would know his strength

I may not be all
that brainy and smart
but i feel what counts
is what comes from your heart

I may feel down
and always depressed
but what doesnt kill me
makes me the strongest

I may like to talk,
I may talk too much
but my talk is for those
i admire a bunch

Sometimes i have
literally nothing to say
but my ears do nothing
but listen away

Life isnt always
initially what you want
but you realize what you have
can be more than enough