Why Buy My Book?

Christen Conrad is a new author who LOVES to write poetry and LOVES to write about animals. Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes is her first book, a children’s picture book.  It is in rhyme because she feels the rhyming verses are fun to read and listen too and will help children learn to read and love to read.

Her poetry is creative and inspiring for children and enjoys helping kids focus on making friends, being nice to others, not giving up, and learning to admire yourself, your strengths, uniqueness, and individuality.  She also hopes her books will promote self-esteem, and anti-bullying.

Christen’s goals are to reach all kids with her books.  However, she has a special heart for children who struggle with reading, anxiety, ADHD, autism, and other mental/developmental disorders.  Purchase her books and support her cause to help children be happy!

Book Description:

A zebra named Zester loses his stripes, whatever will he do?

Without his stripes, he feels, out of place and blue.

Those black, silly, stripes, where did they go?

As he searches all day long, and everywhere high and low.

Then Happy, the hippo, see’s her friend, Zester, start to cry

and wants to help him out, as she strolls by.

Will Zester’s stripes be found or not?

Check this book out as the kids will love it a lot!

This story is a cute, and funny story, I chose to put in rhyme.

It teaches lessons of friendship, helping others out, and not giving up, all the time.

Children will enjoy the rhyme, to help them learn to read.

Every child needs good books, to open up their creative minds, and educate indeed.