Christen’s Corner: Story Telling Time For Kids, Book Reviews and More!

There are a lot of books for children out there and children’s books are so important.  Do you like to read to children?  Or have you written a children’s book?  What books for children do you like? Welcome to my blog…
When I was a little girl, I was shy.  I was an only child and my parents were divorced when I was 5 years old.  In the early 1980’s, I didnt know too many other kids with divorced parents.  I also didn’t know too many other kids who were living in only children households.
I was sad when my dad left the house.  I wasn’t great at making friends.  In fact, as I got older, I spent more time with my grandmother.  I didn’t like babysitters.  I just wanted to be with my grandma.
Unfortunately, there were no kids in my grandma’s neighborhood. I was lonely.  I did play with my cousins, who I often were envious of because I wanted the family life they were living.
It’s hard to pinpoint everything because some stuff is a blurr.  And today I know that divorce is more commen and so is families with only one child.  However, because of my situations (missing my dad, and not having enough kids my age around), maybe even being lonely and suffering from childhood depression, I became more secluded and kept to myself.
I loved being with my grandma, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about my time with her (that’s a different story).
However, I do feel, with my situations, and my feelings and personality, it became easier for me to keep to myself instead of trying to make friends and get involved with activities with other kids my age.
My goal is, no matter what a young child is going through these days, no matter what their living situation is, or how they feel, I feel it’s important to teach kids about friendships.  Friendships can be with other kids, older kids, parents, grandparents, older relatives and young relatives, and babysitter’s.  I feel it’s important to teach kids to be a friend back and help each other out, to open up and learn about others character and personality, to not be afraid, frightened or shy meeting other kids and people who are good people.  And most importantly, learn to treat others how you would want to be treated by them.  As my first book says…I feel it’s important for kids and adults to have many friends and people they can count on, as well as people who can count on you in your life.
My book, Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes details a short little rhyming story where Zester wakes up one morning to find all of his stripes on his body are missing.  He feels naked without them!  So, he sets out to find them.  He wants to find the black stripes before it gets dark because it will be harder to find them in the dark.
He searches high and low but no luck!  His friend, Happy, the hippo, comes out of the water and sees Zester crying.  She really wants to help Zester find his stripes.  The two continue to search for his stripes.
Zester thought Happy would give up, but she doesn’t because she knows how important his stripes are to him.  She is willing to do what it takes to help her friend.
To see if Zester and Happy find his stripes, please check the book out!
This book is from my Forever Zoo Friends Series.  Each book teaches an important lesson about friendship, or making friends, or learning how to play and have a good time.  My stories also teach about helping others, not to give up, being happy with yourself, and liking others for their qualities and characteristics.  I also have a Forever Farm Friends Series and a Furever Pet Friends Series.
My next book, Lyle The Lion And a Cricket Named Zen Play Hide And Seek, is about a lonely Lion who has no friends.  It is currently still in production.  Lyle meets an outgoing and zestful cricket.  Together they decide to play hide and seek.  During their game they come across some baby birds that need their help.  Will they be able to help the baby birds?
I love to read short stories and poetry.  And I love to write.  My stories are for young kids learning to read, between 4 and 7 however, i have had older kids read and love my rhyming stories. I love my imaginative mind and because kids have such imaginative minds and creative minds, I like to tap into them with my stories and find out what kids are thinking.
My website,, is a place for authors of childrens books and parents/grandparents to come together to share book reviews and discuss great books out there for kids.  I also hope to post links to videos of me reading my stories… and letting others do the same.  Lets support indie authors and support kids and support parents!  If you are interested in joining my blog, please do, you are always welcomed anytime…I would love to meet you and find out what books you and your kids like to read and/or what children’s book(s) you have written and what inspires you!😊