Forever Zoo Friends Series

Forever Zoo Friends Series

Forever Zoo Friends is a series of cute children’s stories/picture books about how friendships occur between zoo animals. My first book published is Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes.
Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes

In this first book of the Forever Zoo Friends Series, a Zebra named Zester wakes up one morning to find his black stripes are not on his body.  Worried, he sets out to find them.  He does not have much luck finding his stripes, until his friend, Happy the Hippo joins in the search.  Happy chooses not to give up on her friend Zester, in trying to find his black stripes, because she knows Zester really misses his stripes.  After all, a good friend is always there for you to help you out!  Will Zester be able to find his stripes with the help of Happy the hippo?  This is a cute little story about the value of a friendship.

I have also created a Forever Farm Friends Series about animals you would find on a farm, such as a cat and a turtle.  They too have fun with other animals or critters they meet and quickly form friendships.
Occasionally, as I write more stories, you may come across an animal who meets a bug, spider, or insect, and the pair grow fond of each other and learn to play with and have fun with each other.
Whether kiddos are first learning to read or still having someone read to them, or both, children between the ages of 2 and 7 will enjoy the colorful illustrations, and the rhyming words in my stories, and learn the value of friendships.

Childrens Books Christen's Corner

The second book in my Forever Zoo Friends Series is “The Lion And The Cricket Play Hide And Seek.”  In this cute little story, a lonely lion named Lyle, who does not have any friends to play with, meets a zestful cricket name Zen.  The two of them play Hide And Seek with each other for fun.  However, during their game, some baby birds need their help!  Will Lyle and Zen be able to help the baby birds?



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