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Tomorrow’s another brand new day but first I must make it through today sometimes it feels like an uphill battle other times like Im rolling down the hill either way

Why Buy My Book?

Christen Conrad is a new author who LOVES to write poetry and LOVES to write about animals. Zester The Zebra And His Missing Stripes is her first book, a children’s

The Pup and his Kibble

The Pup and His Kibble Hello little jiggle the pup began to nibble on all his little kibble which made the kibble jiggle Smackity dibbity dap the pups tongue lapity

The Big Eyed Owl

The big eyed owl went “hoot, hoot, hoot,” while perched high up in the tree. It was dark outside with a big bright moon but there was no owl in

To Honor Thy Mother

To Honor Thy Mother My mother was wise beyond which I knew I was just a child and couldn’t see through The pain that she felt when she fought with

My Perfect Cup

Ever find your niche in life… or are you still searching?  Mine took a long time to find, but that’s okay… My Perfect Cup I found a new adventure a

My Inspirational Poetry

Over the past 6 months I have been working on my children’s books, I haven’t done any of my poetry so here is something I wrote a few days ago.